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A high performance competition tennis Academy for players from all over the world.

Headed by Felix Riba, and supported by an expert team of coaches and support staff, we have over 20 full time players, from 7 different countries enrolled in our Annual Academy Program. Since we have a small group of players we are able to offer personalized attention to each player.

The Academy program is based in Barcelona.

Whether you want to train for just a day, or are looking for a week, month or year long program, get in touch and and let's chat about how we can help >





Guillem Arno
18, ESP.
Guillem is a rising star and we expect great things from him over the next 12 months.
Axel Herberg
18, ESP.
Axel loves showing his fightng spirit snd his agressive shots,he will always give his best no matter who his opponent is,
Mike Pinhorn
23, UK.
Mike aims for perfection in all aspects of his life. And is one of our most professional young academy stars.
Marc Monclus
18, ESP.
Marc strives to be the very best he can be both on and off the court.
Gemma Negre
17, ESP
Gemma is pure talent, her shots are simply spectacular
Oscar Varin
20, SUI.
Oscar strives to be a true professional. Improving his game each time he takes to the court.
Danil Mishchanin
13, ESP
Danil is a hard-working persons and his spanish ranking shows it, he is always fighting against the best of his age.
Zaira Bandé
15, ESP.
Zaira is as fiery off the court, as she is on it. Her determination and passion is easy to see.
Carlota Verdú
14, ESP
Carlota is not afraid to develop her tennis. She will do everything she has to do to improve
Ani Atanasova
15, BUL.
Ani brings her "never stop fighting for your goals" attitude to the court each day.
Laia Garriga
Although Laia is already one of the best of her age, she is constantly working to become even better and keeping up with the top players
Victor Medina
14, ESP.
Victor is one of our youngest stars and simply loves playing tennis. His passion for the game is infectious.
Carla Ramonet
14, ESP
Carla is a fighter and will overcome any difficult situation she has.
Julia Alberola
12, ESP
Although Julia is very young, she already knows that she wants to be a good player and will work hard to achieve it
Anna Verdú
16, ESP
Anna will aim for perfection in er game and she will make sure that her shots sre always as they should be
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